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Free Resources

Digital Books + Activity Templates

To help teachers with online learning for students, we are providing activity templates to use with any book. We are also providing 8 books (1 at each level) to get started.

While these resources are free, it is for logged-in users only (registration is also free).

If you are after pre-made resources and more books, please visit our Digital Rainbows page. 

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Enhanced Audio eBooks

Here you can view full samples of one of the resources provided in our Digital Rainbows range.
Other resources include: A PDF of each book, Comprehension Questions and the following activities for each title:
• Cloze
• Dice Game
• Word Search
• Writing
• Text Sequencing

NOTE: Our Digital Rainbows range has 20 books in each of the 9 series.
These are links to one sample Audio-enhanced eBook from each series.

Singalong Māori Waiata – Songs in Te Reo and English

These is a backing tracks (music) to learn Te Reo using waiata (Māori songs):
• Provided as MP3s (audio only) and MP4s (video with Te Reo and English words displayed in time to the music).
• Song sheets are also provided with the free download certificates.

Learning to read any language while singing is a great way to engage the brain and enhance memory and enjoyment!

Provided with no need for a license; royalty and attribution free, for any purpose.
NOTE: While these resources are free, it is for logged-in users only (registration is also free).

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Toku Pepeha Template

This template will help prepare the ‘my identity and heritage’ part of a mihi (formal greeting).
Print multiple copies so everyone can practice giving their Pepeha as part of a mihimihi (everyone in a group giving their mihi)

Includes beautiful drawings and covers: Ingoa (name), Iwi (tribe), Maunga (mountain), Awa (river), Whanau (family), Rāua & mātua (parents; mother & father), Au te… o te whānau (first, second… born in the family), Tuakana/teina/tungane/tuahine (elder/youger bother/sister).

While these resources are free, it is for logged-in users only (registration is also free).

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Matariki – Free Reader’s Theatre Script

Learn about Matariki and build fluency in reading with a FREE Speak Out Reader’s Theatre (SORT) script. Reader’s Theatre is play readings (much like radio acting/story dramatisations), with the emphasis being on fluent reading, without acting, props or costumes.

Please feel free to make copies for use by students in your school.

All SORT scripts are multi-levelled for groups of mixed ability so the more able readers support and provide a good model to the less fluent. SORT scripts all have audio support and are available in three sets of six copies of six scripts, with average reading levels at Years 4, 5 and 6.

Boxed sets are now HALF PRICE

Set 5 titles are also available in digital format, please see the links on the right for more information.

Reading Recovery Levels – (Suggested Comparisons)

In response to frequent requests for the Reading Recovery levels of our books, we have had the following Rainbow Reading series professionally levelled by Reading Recovery tutors:

  • Silver Series (5 – 5½ year reading level)
  • White Series (5½ – 6 year reading level)
  • Red series (6 – 7 year reading level)

Many teachers have found Rainbow Reading to be useful for maintaining and building the reading fluency of students both during and after using the Reading Recovery programmes. We do not recommend Rainbow Reading as a replacement for Reading Recovery.

Rainbow Reading is also an effective programme for students who do not have access to Reading Recovery, however students do need to have first attained some basic reading skills such as:
– Being able to recognise the English alphabet and know how each letter sounds.
– Being able to recognise the basic high-frequency words.
– Have a reasonable knowledge of concepts about print especially one-to-one match and directionality.

Teachers are reminded that the Rainbow Reading Programme is designed to complement rather than replace existing literacy programmes. It provides supported reading that consolidates skills learned elsewhere.

Reading Recovery Downloads:

Please see The Rainbow Wheel below for our list of silver, white and red titles with suggested Reading Recovery levels:

The Rainbow Wheel – Level Suggestions (PDF)

Please note:

These are suggestions only as many factors, some exclusive to the individual student such as interest and background knowledge, affect the readability of books. Teachers should use their knowledge of the students and the books to guide their recommendation of titles to different students.

Teacher’s Manual & Free Student Handbook

Since the writing of your Rainbow Reading Teacher’s Manual, CDs have superseded audio tapes and CDs themselves have been superseded by mp3 players, and now we have the Rainbow Reading pen!

As no one can predict what the future will bring and in the interest of saving you the cost of an updated manual, wherever tapes are mentioned in your manual, please replace with CD, mp3 player, reading pen or supersonic audio transducer, as appropriate.

Please be assured it is the audio “component” (in whatever format) providing the support and model to the student, that is critical to the progress that the students make.

Handbook Downloads:

For a FREE updated version of the Student’s Handbook please download the file below:

Download the Free Student’s Handbook (PDF)

Please feel free to make copies of the handbook for use by students in your school.

Seminar Notes

Download a copy of the 2012 Rainbow Reading Auckland seminar notes about Building Fluency in Reading using the Rainbow Reading Programme resources.