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Retired, Job-Sharing or Relief Teacher?

We have a number of opportunities for helping schools access our resources in return for a generous commission.


Why This is The Ultimate Role for a Retired, Job-Sharing or Relief Teacher

1. You may have a day or two (or more) available each week to earn some extra income.

2. You already know and care about the schools, teachers and students in your region.


What’s Involved

After learning a little about our resources, all the role entails is contacting schools in your region, see what their needs are and explaining the amazing difference our programmes make:

Guaranteed 12 months of reading improvement in just 10 weeks



Because our resources are specifically levelled and audio-supported with title-specific activities.

Research-based and field-trialed, Rainbow Reading started in New Zealand in 1993. We now have over 30 years of proven success over multiple studies (click for examples).

If you would like to register your interest and get more information…
Please click here to download the prospectus


While most of our reps are with us for many years – some over a decade – life changes mean regions come up often.
Even if a region is currently been looked after, we can pop you on a waiting list.

If after reading the prospectus, it sounds like something you’d like to do, you’ll find an email address to register your interest on the 7th (second to last) page.

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