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Digital Rainbows

Digital literacy resources are amazing at simplifying providing meaningful, targeted reading practice for students. Digitals keep students on task and learning at their specific level with minimal hassle.

Best for students who are reading at or beyond their age-level, digital resources are a great way to continue to build literacy development in our, increasingly, online learning environment.

All of our digitals provide the structured approach to reading improvement and include:
• Levelled eBooks with age-appropriate topics and pictures
– We supply two links for the eBooks: 1) an online version   2) a downloadable ePub file.
• Audio-assistance (accelerates reading improvement by an average of 400%)
• Supporting activities to increase comprehension
– Activities are downloadable only
• Title-specific questions to increase depth of learning
• Teacher and student instructions for easy set up

Please select your desired reading-level below.
If you would like more information, you may like to read our article on: When & How Much to Use Digital Resources

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