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Speak Out Readers Theatre – Year 4 | Digital: 2023*


*Available Feb 2023

In conjunction with our amazing School/Family video competition…
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For students in Year 4 but with parts in every script that are Easy, On Level and Challenging

  • Audio-supported eBooks (ePub which works with virtually all devices) – see sample here (sample is from Year 4 set)
    – Two links for the eBooks are supplied: 1) an online version   2) a downloadable ePub file
  • 6 titles:
    • On Track
    • The Flying Contest
    • The Forgotten Hero
    • The Missing Moon Rock
    • The Ting-a-ling Contest
    • Vaccies from London

Available on back-order


On Track written by Philippa Werry
“When Wilma Rudolph was small, she was very ill. Doctors were sure that she would never walk again. No one would have guessed that she would grow up to be one of the best athletes in the world.”

The Flying Contest written by Ali Everts
“When the birds decide to have a contest to see who can fly the highest, everyone ignores little Wren. They know that a small bird like her could never win against the big birds – especially Eagle.”

The Forgotten Hero written by Matt Comeskey
“During World War Two, Jewish refugees ask a Japanese consul to help them. He is ordered not to. If he obeys this order, many people will die. This is the true story of what Chiune Sugihara decided to do.”

The Missing Moon Rock written by Jane Kelley
“The party is wonderful – crowds of people, good fun, fun things to do. Maggie and Micky, however, are more interested in seeing the famous moon rock. But when they go to look at the rock, its missing! Can Maggie and Micky do the maths to solve the mystery?”

The Ting-a-ling Contest written by Joy Cowley
“Excitement is in the air – the contest is ready to begin! With every new question though, Mrs Pringle gets more and more upset. To her, the answers sound like a big bunch of lies. Is it possible that this is the whole point of the contest?”

Vaccies from London written by Philippa Werry
“It is 1939 in London. World War Two has begun. Bombs could fall on the city at any time. Sisters Rita and Norma and their neighbour, Brian, are being evacuated, but what kind of life awaits them in the countryside?”

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