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Speak Out Readers Theatre – Year 5 | Digital: 2023*


*Available Feb 2023

In conjunction with our amazing Student/Family video competition.
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For students in Year 5 but with parts in every script that are Easy, On Level and Challenging.

This set includes:

  • Teaching Notes
  • Audio-supported eBooks (ePub which works with virtually all devices) – see sample here (sample is from Year 4 set)
    – Two links for the eBooks are supplied: 1) an online version   2) a downloadable ePub file

    • 6 titles:
      • April Fools
      • Coyote and Locust
      • Helen’s Teacher
      • Song of the Coqui
      • The Ribbon Stall
      • Treasure Hunters

Available on back-order


April Fools written by Diana Noonan
“It is April Fools’ Day and Gabriela, Maria, Emilio, George, and Chris have thought of a perfect way to fool Mrs Henderson. But Mrs Henderson is planning something, too!”

Coyote and Locust written by Anna-Maria Crum
“Have you ever heard a coyote sing? It isn’t the most musical sound. Once upon a time though, Locust did try to teach Coyote how to sing!”

Helen’s Teacher written by Tania Hutley
“Helen Keller was the first deaf and blind person to graduate from university. It was made possible through her drive and the help of her wonderful teacher, Anne Sullivan.”

Song of the Coqui written by Julia Wall
“Of all the animals in Puerto Rico, why is it that the tree frogs sing? And why just at night? Here’s the folk story that explains these things… and more!”

The Ribbon Stall written by Don Long
“Bob and his friends are earning money to pay for a school trip by selling their wares at the Portobello Road Street Market. They discover though, that running a stall is not as easy as they first thou”

Treasure Hunters written by Philippa Werry
“Ali, Lexi, Bix,and Jax have come from far, far away, and they are searching for treasure. They think they might be getting closer, but can they get what they want before security guards step in to stop them?”

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