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Speak Out Readers Theatre – Year 6 | Digital: 2023*


*Available Feb 2023

In conjunction with our amazing Student/Family video competition.
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For students in Year 6 but with parts in every script that are Easy, On Level and Challenging.

This set includes:

  • Teaching Notes
  • Audio-supported eBooks (ePub which works with virtually all devices) – see sample here (sample is from Year 4 set)
    – Two links for the eBooks are supplied: 1) an online version   2) a downloadable ePub file

    • 6 titles:
      • A Great Day for a a Ride
      • A Victorian School
      • In the Death Zone
      • King Midas and the Golden Touch
      • Out of Order
      • Win a Holiday

Available on back-order


A Great Day for a Ride written by Diana Noonan
“It is 1800, and the queen wants to go for a bicycle ride. There is only one little problem…”

A Victorian School written by Meryl-Lynn Pluck
“Jimmy and Jessie can’t really comprehend what Victorian schools were like. So their teacher, Miss Lavicich, takes them on a field trip to find out. But even she wasn’t counting on meeting someone like Mr Bostock!”

In the Death Zone written by Bill O’Brien
“The death zone is an extremely dangerous place for anyone trying to conquer the world’s highest mountains. In 1953, two men from a British expedition enter the zone at Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world. They are the first two climbers to ever climb so high. Wil they make it out of the death zone alive?”

King Midas and the Golden Touch written by Meryl-Lynn Pluck
“When King Midas is granted a special wish by the god Dionysus, he wishes for something that will make him very rich. But King Midas learns that greed doesn’t pay and he soon realises that he has made a terrible mistake!”

Out of Order written by Karen Phelps
“Brian’s class visits a museum to learn about history. When Brian slips away from the rest of the class, he discovers some realistic, life-size models of famous figures from the past. The sign says “Out of Order” but Brian can’t stop himself pushing one of the buttons to see what will happen.”

Win a Holiday written by Ali Everts
“When Dad tells the family that they’ve won a holiday, everyone imagines the perfect place to go. It turns out that Dad has more news, though – and this news might not make everyone quite so happy.”

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