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Amazing technology that works on any device:

  • Clickable links for your choices that take you to the correct page
  • Built-in audio of all of the text
  • Separate link is provided for complimentary activities

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The year is 1855. You’€™re living with your family on Flores Island, off the coast of Portugal. One evening your mother asks you to go to the farm and get some milk. You’€™re more than a bit nervous at the thought of being out alone in the dark. Should you choose to ask your brother to go with you or go out in the dark alone? Should you choose to run into a stranger’€™s house when you’€™re chased? Should you join the crew of a whaling ship? The choices you make will take you on many exciting, and sometimes dangerous adventures. The good news is, at any stage you can return to make different choices which lead to new adventures.

Reading level: 10 – 11 years with interest level well beyond

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