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Digital New Heights Programme Guide: Download Only (nothing physically shipped)


Programme Guide for all New Heights levels: over 50 pages of easy-to-understand instructions for using our programmes to get the best results. Gold-standard advice!

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  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Programme Guide
  • How the New Heights Programme Works
  • Using the New Heights Programme
  • Components of the New Heights Programme
  • Student Titles
  • Audio Support
  • Activities
  • Additional Resources
  • Features of the New Heights Stages
  • Who Can Use the New Heights Programme?
  • Leveling
  • How to Implement the New Heights Programme
  • Organisation
  • Assessing the Student’s Starting Level
  • Book Selection
  • Introducing the Student Handbook
  • Using the Orientation and Conferencing Plans
  • Reading Practice
  • Supported Practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Prompts for Teachers to Use During Conferences
  • Deciding What the Student Does Next
  • Teacher-initiated Conferences
  • Giving Written Feedback
  • Activities
  • Using the Progress Graph
  • Using the Record of Students’ Work
  • Recording Students’ Oral Reading
  • Moving On
  • Assessment
  • Running Records
  • Using New Heights Assessment
  • Administering New Heights Assessment
  • Scoring New Heights Assessment
  • New Heights Comprehension Check
  • Determining the Student’s Instructional Reading Level
  • Assessment Using a Simple Count of
  • Uncorrected Errors
  • Assessment Using Cloze Activities
  • Fluency and the New Heights Programme
  • Assessing Fluency
  • The New Heights Programme and English
  • Language Learners
  • Supporting English Language Learners
  • Managing the New Heights Programme
  • Time Required for the New Heights Programme Students Working Outside the Classroom
  • Students Working Within the Classroom
  • Using Tutors and Volunteers
  • Managing the Resources and Equipment
  • Reading at Home with the New Heights Programme
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Research Base of Audio-facilitated Reading
  • The Research Base of the
  • New Heights Programme
  • Overview Charts
  • References
  • Acknowledgements