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Individual Titles: Activities + Digital Book (each)


Please select how many you would like and message us which titles you would like. Individual links will be provided for each.

Saving hours of lesson planning, this bundle includes:

  • Full colour, levelled books for students to read digitally or can printed under certain circumstances* (PDF)
  • Audio-supported eBooks (ePub which works with virtually all devices) – see samples here
  • The following book-related activities (for each title)
  1. Cloze – fill in the missing words (can be filled out online)
  2. Dice Game (can be played online)
  3. Word Search Activity (can be filled out online)
  4. Writing Activity(can be filled out online)
  5. Text Sequencing Activity – ordering paragraphs (requires printing)
  6. Comprehension Questions

• Running records are not provided as digital books level differently to physical books.
• Digital resources are generally not recommended for remedial readers. For information, please see our article here:
When & How Much to Use Digital Resources


Activities may be printed as a handout but (usually) not the *books which are to be provided to students online only.
*Books may be printed during extreme circumstances such as COVID-19 and when students can’t work from school (with physical books) and don’t have access to a device (as a temporary measure). We ask that this gets reported to the copyright agency of your country so that we get recognition for it.


  1. If printing, students’ learning and experience is greatly enhanced when the book is printed in colour (activities can be in black and white which is what they come as anyway).
  2. Improving reading by digital learning is not recommended as a singular approach. It is also best avoided, where possible, for struggling readers who are best to use physical books; which provide more enjoyment and better structure.

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