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Rainbow Reading Teacher’s Manual


56-page Programme Guide for all Rainbow Reading levels:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Toxic & Totally Toxic

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Since the writing of your Rainbow Reading Teacher’s Manual, CDs have superseded audio tapes and CDs themselves have been superseded by mp3 players, and now we have the Rainbow Reading pen!
As no one can predict what the future will bring and in the interest of saving you the cost of an updated manual, wherever tapes are mentioned in your manual, please replace with CD, mp3 player, reading pen or supersonic audio transducer, as appropriate.
Please be assured it is the audio “component” (in whatever format) providing the support and model to the student, that is critical to the progress that the students make.

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Flowchart: Using the Rainbow Reading Programme

Who can use the Rainbow Reading Programme?
The Rainbow Reading Programme and Current Literacy Programmes
Rainbow Reading Programme and Current Literacy Programmes

The Components of the Rainbow Reading Programme
Books - Levelling
Audio Support
Assessment sheets

Benefits of the Rainbow Reading Programme
How does the Rainbow Reading Programme Benefit Students?
How does the Rainbow Reading Programme Benefit Teachers?
Why is the Rainbow Reading Programme so Successful?

Implementation of the Rainbow Reading Programme
Assessing Students’ Starting levels
Reading Practice
Reading Alone
- Prompts for Tutors to Use During Conference Time
- Tutor Initiated Conference
- Teaching
- Deciding What the Student Does Next
- Giving Written Feedback

Cloze [Text Completion]
Text Sequencing [Sentence Strips]
Dice Game
Word Search

Using the Progress Graph
Using the Record of Student’s Work

Promotion to the Next Level
Home Practice

Fluency and the Rainbow Reading Programme
Teaching Fluency
Building Fluency with Rainbow Reading
Assessing Fluency
Measuring Pace
Analysis and Interpretation
Pace Chart
The Multidimensional Fluency Scale
The Multidimensional Fluency Scale Template
- Fluency Rubric Descriptors

Learning English with the Rainbow Reading Programme

Management of the Rainbow Reading Programme
Time Required for the Rainbow Reading Programme 37 Withdrawing Students
Students Working Within the Classroom
- Managing the Rest of the Class
Using Tutors and Volunteers
Managing the Resources and Equipment
Suggestions for Storage

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Research Basis of Audio-facilitated Reading
Research Base Underpinning the Rainbow Reading Programme

Support Material for Teachers
Progress graph
Student Handbook Record of Student’s Work Bookmarks
Notes for home