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Activities | NEW HEIGHTS: Green – Digital Download Only (nothing physically shipped)


Specifically-made support material and activities for students to do around reading development.
Enhances the programme effectiveness considerably; makes teaching simpler and more organised.

Includes all New Heights White series activities for:

  • Assessment
  • Dice Game
  • Text Sequencing
  • Word Search
  • Writing

Samples of activities can be viewed by clicking here.

Available on backorder



For each of the 20 books in the series:

  1. Orientation and Conferencing Plans
    • Orientation questions
    • Comprehension questions & answers
    • English language learners suggestions
  2. Assessment Sheets (running records)
  3. Cloze Activities
  4. Text Sequencing
  5. Word Searches
  6. Board Games
  7. Writing Activities


  1. Word Search Template
  2. Board Game Template
  3. Record of Students’ Work (including activities listed above)
  4. Word Search Answers
  5. Board Game Spinner and Counters (cut-outs)
  6. Take Home Notes
  8. Awards
  9. Student Handbooks
    • Programme guide
    • How to use the pens
    • Record of practices
    • Conference record
  10. Progress Graph
  11. Pace Chart
  12. Multidimensional Fluency Scale

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