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Nō hea ēnei kararehe? (Where are these animals from) – Resource Pack

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This bilingual story introduces animals from different countries and continents of the world – including taniwha. The end of the story features a Māori proverb associated with the Tainui people, about a taniwha at each bend of the Waikato River.

Each resource pack includes:

  • A big book for sharing.
  • 10 small book versions of the story, for guided and independent reading.
  • A set of flashcards featuring keywords from the story, for vocabulary recognition.
  • A mini-book template of the story and illustrations, for students to take home and read with whānau.
  • Teachers’ notes for the story, including user-friendly assessment rubrics and ideas for second language learning activities.
  • A digital link containing an audio file and a digital file of the story, for the big screen.
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